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If you have a child who struggles to sleep through the night in their own bed, a Sleep Fairy Reward Chart can help. 

Often children can be frightened when the lights are turned off and they’re alone in their room at night time. Hearing unfamiliar sounds and seeing unusual shadows spark their vivid imaginations causing fear. A magical way to ease this reaction is with a Sleep Fairy Reward Chart. 

So what is a Sleep Fairy Reward Chart?

It is a small colourful chart that your child hangs on their wall that collects gold stars for every night they sleep in their own bed. The stars are left secretly “by the fairies” each night when they find your child sleeping in their bed. And then when the chart is full of stars, they receive a treat “from the fairies”.

It works the same as a “Reward Chart” which encourages completion of jobs and positive behaviour.

We have a FREE Printable Chart below – a Pirate Chart and a Fairy Chart.

To download click here…. Sleep Fairy Reward Chart

sleep fairy


  1. Print out the Chart on A4 White paper.
  2. Attach it to the wall next to your child’s fairy door
  3. Encourage your child that every time their ‘fairy’ visits them and sees them asleep in their own bed, they ‘fairies’ will leave a gold star
  4. Then every night that your child does sleep in their own bed, a gold star sticker is left in their fairy mailbox or outside their fairy door as a surprise “from the fairies”. (Gold stars stickers can be purchased from discount stores and Supermarkets).
  5. Your child then sticks the gold star onto their chart
  6. This continues each night until their chart is full
  7. Then that night, the ‘fairies’ secretly leave a special treat outside their fairy door

A reward treat doesn’t need to be expensive, just something small – anything your child would appreciate, such as a small chocolate, a little gift, a promise of a special outing etc

Remember… the success of a Reward Chart is in NOT FORGETTING to leave a “Gold Star” each morning after your child sleeps in their bed… and NOT FORGETTING to secretly leave the special gift when the chart is full.

You can reprint the chart again and again as required.

We also have a special Sleep Fairy Letter to print

Simply print and leave it outside your fairy door on the first morning your child has slept through the night in their bed. This is an encouraging letter “from the fairies”.

Click the image below …..

sleep fairy


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