Rainbow Jar

This Rainbow Jar is a fun and easy craft activity for kids to create beautiful rainbow effects from salt and chalk

This fairy craft creates some beautiful jars for the creative ones in your home where they can make their own pretty designs in a glass jar out of inexpensive items of chalk and salt.

By pouring the salt and chalk in different ways will create different designs that can be seen through the sides of the glass jar.

You Need:

  • Clear Glass Jar with a screwable lid
  • Coloured Chalk
  • Packet of Salt
  • Large sheet of paper

To Do:

  1. Place the sheet of paper on the table


Rainbow Jar

2. Pour a small pile of salt in the middle of it – enough to make about a 1/2 – 1cm layer in your jar


Rainbow Jar

3. Take a piece of coloured chalk and rub it back and forth across the salt until the salt turns the colour you want


Rainbow Jar

4. Carefully pick up the sheet of paper with the edges, being careful not to spill the chalk and tip the end up to pour it into the jar


Rainbow Jar

5. Repeat this process to create your next layer of colour in the jar. Use a different coloured piece of chalk but this time, turn the sheet of white paper over to use the other side to rub your chalk and salt together (so you don’t miss the colours up from the previous chalk). Pour this into the jar.


Rainbow Jar

6. Keep repeating this process for all the different coloured layers you want in your jar (using a clean side of white paper for each colour).

TIP:  Pour the chalk salt into your jar at different angles to create pretty designs. You can also gently poke a thin stick or skewer down one side to run a small amount of chalk down the side for special patterns (be careful that this doesn’t mingle the chalks all together)


Rainbow Jar

7. Keep going until you have filled your jar with all the different coloured chalk and then gently screw the lid on

NOTE…. don’t shake your Rainbow Jar as this will mix the colours together

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Credit and big thanks to our friend Anne at Flax & Twine for her beautiful photos and idea


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