DIY Paper Fairy house - How to Make Fairy House - Opening Fairy Doors
DIY Paper Fairy House by Opening Fairy Doors

Create the cutest reversible DIY Paper Fairy House with our free downloadable template using just one sheet of paper

This cute little DIY Paper Fairy House is made from one A4 sheet of paper and is super quick and easy to fold. All you need for this project is the free printable house template, some scissors and glue.

  1. Start by downloading our FREE DIY Paper Fairy House template here…. Free Printable Fairy House


DIY Paper Fairy House Template by Opening Fairy Doors


2. Print in colour on an A4 sheet of paper.

On the template there are 2 halves, one half is the outside of the Fairy House and the other half is the inside

This means when the template is folded, it is reversible, so you can turn it around and play with either the front or the back. And we’ve included some pretty decorative images on our template like a door, windows, grass and flowers on the outside half of the fairy house and decorative images of fairy decor like a lounge chair, fire place, lamp and kitchen table on the inside part. Then when it is folded, all you do is add some of your own fairy accessories to create some fun and imaginative play. These can either be ones you make, like small paper fairies and matchbox furniture or see below for little fairy accessories that we have available that would be perfect to add to your Fairy House.


3. Follow the easy ‘how to fold your Fairy House’ instructions in our Youtube video below, then you are ready to play…


To add some fairy accessories to your Fairy House, we have lots of little fairies, small mushrooms, fairy flowers, rabbits, guinea pigs to create a fairy garden on the outside part of your Fairy House.

We also have cute tea sets, fairy furniture and fairy food to create a cosy home on the inside part of your fairy house.

DIY Paper Fairy House by Opening Fairy Doors


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