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A Reward Chart for print from Opening Fairy Doors

A Reward Chart is a fun tool to help inspire positive behaviour in a child and here is a FREE one you can print and use time and time again… 

This Fairy Blog is another part in our series “How to Use a Fairy door” through the year. A Fairy Door is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give a child because this miniature sized little door is only limited by imagination and we all know children have incredible imaginations.

By attaching a Fairy Door to a wall, shelf or cupboard, you create a magical doorway to a place of make believe for fairies to enter! And then you can bring it to life by adding tiny themed decorations and accessories which inspires many a fairy story.

Children easily imagine a little fairy secretly visiting at night time through their fairy door. They love to create magical fairy adventures with all the little accessories found outside their door, (which are often left ‘by the fairies’). And on top of this, a fairy door is a brilliant tool for encouraging positive behaviour.

~ A Reward Chart ~

What is a Reward Chart?

A reward chart is a chart that lists some activities and jobs you would like your child to do each day. For example, make their bed, feed the dog and pick up their toys. A Reward Chart can also list behaviours that you are encouraging in your child, for example, being kind to their sister, sleeping in their own bed, being helpful.

Each time your child completes an activity or displays a behaviour aspect, a ‘star’ is placed in the space for that day. Stars are collected throughout the week and a reward is given at the end of that week. And the reward doesn’t need to be big, it can be anything that your child would appreciate. For example, an outing somewhere or a small gift (like a pretty pencil, a sticker) 

Catching your child’s “positive actions or behaviour” and rewarding them is the positive effect of a Reward Chart and is a powerful motivation for your child.

Plus when used in combination with a Fairy Door, it adds a touch of ‘fairy magic’ because the ‘stars’ and rewards can be left outside their fairy door ‘secretly by the fairies’.

How to use it?

Print our Free Reward Chart below – we have 2 charts to choose from:

1. REWARD CHART – with suggested activities  – REWARD CHART with Activities

Opening Fairy Doors Reward Chart

2. REWARD CHART – blank for you to complete – Free Reward Chart Blank

Opening Fairy Doors Reward Chart Printable


  1. Hang the Chart on the wall so it is visible, a great place is beside your child’s Fairy Door. 
  2. Secretly leave 1 Star Sticker outside their Fairy Door (or in their Fairy Mailbox) for each activity or behaviour your child completes or shows. This could be done secretly at night (left ‘by the fairies’), so when your child wakes in the morning, the stars are found. Your child can then stick them on the relevant sections of their chart.
  3. Continue doing this each day and at the end of the week, if a row of stars is completed, a little reward is left. This could also be secretly left at night (‘from the fairies’).


For a Reward Chart to be effective, encouragement and consistency are the keys.

  1. Encouragement in helping your child achieve their ‘stars’ – especially in the early days.Remind them about collecting their stars and about the reward they will receive ‘from the fairies’ when they complete their week. Children are natural responders and collectors ! They love to rise to expectations and will get a thrill from seeing the stars accumulate on their chart.
  2. Consistency in keeping the promise. If “Make your Bed” is an activity on their chart and they do make their bed, remember to leave a ‘star’ and celebrate it. DON’T FORGET. Then at the end of the week, if your child has collected stars, remember to keep the promise of the reward. DON’T FORGET.

Reward Ideas?

A Reward Chart also needs to be easy for ‘you’. Rewards can be anything from a chocolate, to a small gift or even a ‘promise’ of an outing or activity. Something that is easy for you and that your child will appreciate.

Some ideas are:

  • A lolly
  • Stationary supplies (pretty pencils, glitter pen, highlighter, pencil case etc)
  • A Sticker (see our Wall Stickers)
  • A small fairy accessory to add to their fairy door collection (such as a mushroom, a fairy, butterflies, table set etc)
  • A promise of a night out with you, e.g. a movie 
  • A promise of an outing eg to the pool or shopping 

For the best results, we suggest using a Reward Chart for a few weeks at a time only, then put it away and use it again a few weeks later.

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