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How to Make a Fairy Pool

Make a Fairy Pool for your fairy to cool off this summer, using a shoe box and a lunch box.

A Fairy Door is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give a child because this miniature sized little door is only limited by imagination and we all know children have incredible imaginations.

By attaching a Fairy Door to a wall, shelf or cupboard, you create a magical doorway to a place of make believe for fairies to enter! And then you can bring it to life by adding tiny themed decorations.

Children easily imagine a little fairy secretly visiting at night time through their fairy door. Children love to create magical fairy adventures with all the little accessories found outside their door, (which are often left ‘by the fairies’). And on top of this, a fairy door is a brilliant tool for encouraging positive behaviour.

So this year we thought we would embark on our “How to Use a Fairy door” series to show how easy it is !

~ Make a Fairy Pool ~

A great craft project to start the year and our series, is to make a Fairy Pool to inspire lots of fairy fun throughout the summer holidays. We have made this one by simply using a shoebox and a plastic container.


Opening Fairy Doors Fairy Pool
  • 1 Plastic Lunch Box / Container
  • 1 Shoe Box
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Blue Food Colouring
  • Small Decorations


Opening Fairy Doors Fairy Pool

1. Place the container in the middle of the shoe box

2. Carefully pour the sand around the edges


Opening Fairy Doors Fairy Pool


Opening Fairy Doors Fairy Pool

3. Fill the container with water and add a couple of drops of blue colouring


Opening Fairy Doors Fairy Pool


Opening Fairy Doors Fairy Pool

4. Decorate around the pool with a fairy, small rocks, a piece of fabric for a towel, a cocktail umbrella and small cuttings from artificial plants.

Just like making this Fairy Pool, you can make other magical scenes for your fairy door that your child can create wondrous stories and magical adventures such as a Spring Fairy Picnic, with a cute Fairy Donut Box, a winter scene with Fairy Snow, and a Christmas theme




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