Magical Fairy Christmas Cane - Opening Fairy Doors
Magical Fairy Christmas Cane

Magical Fairy Christmas Cane

Create some wondrous magic this Christmas by growing a Magical Fairy Christmas Cane. Super easy, super delightful

Imagine the joy when your child wakes to find a Christmas Candy Cane has magical grown in her flower pot !

All you need is….

  • 1 small flower pot
  • 1 Red & White lollie (alias…..”Magic Candy Cane Seed”)
  • Chocolate biscuit crumbs
  • 1 Red & White Candy Cane

To do…

Magical Fairy Christmas Cane

Fill the flower pot 1/3 of the way with Biscuit crumbs


Magical Fairy Christmas Cane


Plant the Magic Fairy Christmas Cane “seed”

Fill the pot the rest of the way with the Biscuit Crumbs


Magical Fairy Christmas Cane

Then add the “magic” touch by sprinkling it with some “Fairy Dust” (“Edible Glitter”) – available from Cake Shops or Supermarkets

Put the Flower Pot on a window sill or dressing table in the light

Great lesson on patience…. leave it for 2 days. Your child will have fun checking it every day to see if it has grown.



Magical Fairy Christmas Cane

After 2 days, at night “secretly” push into the “fairy soil” a Christmas Candy Cane – bury it so only the top is showing…. a magical Fairy Christmas Cane is beginning to grow!


Magical Fairy Christmas Cane

Then on day 3, at night time “secretly” pull pull out the Candy Cane so it is fully showing. 

Surprise! When your child wakes they will find their “Magical Fairy Seed” has grown into a Magical Fairy Christmas Cane!!

Our big thanks and credit to Crystal Underwood for this idea and her beautiful photos

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