Mini Santa Footprints

Mini Santa Footprints

This week, we’ll show you how to create Mini Santa Footprints outside your fairy door

By using a pair of fairy-sized Santa Boots and some powder or flour, you can easily create some magical mini Santa footprints outside your fairy door or anywhere you’d like him to visit (even through your fairy garden or inside your dollshouse).

You need:

Mini Santa Footprints Mini Santa Footprints

Sprinkle the flour outside your fairy door – thick enough to create a clear boot print when pressed


Mini Santa Footprints

Using a pair of our Santa Boots, carefully press the boot into the powder, leaving a tiny footprint.


Mini Santa Footprints

Continue to press little boot footprints in the powder to form a walking pattern

Our Santa Boots are available for purchase via our website.

Instead of using powder or flour, you could also use the “Fairy Snow” we shared how to make last week…



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