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Fairy suitcase

Make an mini Fairy Suitcase out of matchboxes. A cute fairy treat to leave outside your child’s fairy door, especially in the lead up to a holiday. 

fairy suitcase

To make a Fairy Suitcase you will need…

Wrapping Paper (different colours)





fairy suitcase

To do…

  1. Take the middle out of the matchbox.
  2. Wrap some pretty wrapping paper around the outside and trim 
  3. Glue it
fairy suitcase

4. Glue a small piece of paper to cover the inside piece of the matchbox

fairy suitcase

5. Slide back together

fairy suitcase

6. Cut 2 thin strips of different paper to measure around the outside of the matchbox width ways. 

fairy suitcase

7. Wrap each strip around the matchbox and glue down

fairy suitcase

8. Cut another little strip of paper to use as a fairy suitcase handle 

fairy suitcase

9. Glue the handle on to the top of the suitcase

Fairy suitcase

Then decorate your fairy suitcase with tiny travel stickers. 

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