How to Decorate your Fairy Door for Christmas - Opening Fairy Doors
How to Decorate your Fairy Door for Christmas

How to Decorate your Fairy Door for Christmas

Christmas is not only the most magical time of year for us but also for the fairies and we show you How to Decorate your Fairy Door for Christmas

It’s the little details and tiny touches added to a fairy door that inspires a child’s imagination and triggers their inbuilt sense of make-believe.

We love decorating our homes for Christmas and we can include the fairies by decorating their fairy doors too. 

And below we share lots of quick and easy ideas How to Decorate your Fairy Door for Christmas

Fairy Christmas Tree

To create the above scene, you need ….

  1. Using the gold thread on the Wreath, either blu-tac it to the front of your fairy door or hang it on the door knocker or door handle
  2. Place your Fairy Christmas Tree beside the fairy door and arrange the little gift boxes underneath.
  3. Blu-tac a length of string above your fairy door and hang the Christmas Fairy cards
  4. Stand Santa’s Boots outside the door – you could even sprinkle some powder around them for some snow
  5. Add some little treats inside Santa’s Sack eg chocolates, hair clips, novelty erasers, lollies, beads, shells… anything small
  6. And finally, your child can complete their Santa List (which is included with our Santa Sack) and post it to Santa in their fairy mailbox

To add some further Christmas treats to your Christmas Fairy Door Theme…

Santa Milk Cookie Plate

Leave some Milk & Cookies out for Santa plus a Carrot for Rudolf !

LED Light Fairy Christmas Tree

How about a Light Up Fairy Christmas Tree to add some sparkle


Add some twinkle Fairy Lights to your Fairy Door or wrap them around your fairy Christmas Tree. Mini LED bulbs along a bendable silver wire, battery operated.

For other ideas for How to Decorate your Fairy Door for Christmas, we recommend:

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