Afraid of the Dark

Not being able to see, combined with a vivid imagination, can often cause children to be afraid of the dark. Read below for some creative ideas that can help your child feel safe …

Plant a Fairy Garden outside their bedroom wall

Afraid of the Dark

It’s comforting for a child to know that a fairy is living right next to them

Even if you don’t have any garden space outside, maybe create a fairy garden in a pot, or in an old drawer in their bedroom, or you could even use an old Fish Tank or Bird Cage!

(Our Facebook Page and our Facebook ideas Group have lots of ideas for creative places that fairies can move in!)


Place a Fairy Door in their room

Afraid of the Dark

How magical for a child to imagine a fairy can come and go as she wants through a tiny doorway on their wall. Especially at night time when all is dark and still, a child finds it comforting to know that a gentle fairy is able to fly in while they sleep.


Invite a Fairy Under the Bed

Monsters Under the bed

In an earlier post –Monsters Under the Bedwe shared a beautiful story received from one of our customers who set up a fairy door under their child’s bed as she was afraid that monsters lived under there. Now under her bed is a place of wonder, happiness and sparkles!


Attach a Light up Fairy Door

Pink light opening fairy door

Kids love twinkles, sparkles and even turning lights on (well ours did). And if you have a child who is afraid of the dark, they feel comforted when there is a light shining in their room at night to dispel the dark. That’s why Night Lights are a popular way include some soft light through the night. And we have a magical version…. a Light Fairy Door!. A perfect way to introduce the magic of a fairy visit plus some light at the same time.

Our Light Up Fairy Door is a Fairy Door that doesn’t just open but it also Lights Up! Powered by tiny LED lights, it uses minimal battery power and doesn’t get hot. Plus the small button-cell batteries are easy to replace and are available from hardware stores. 


Relax Before Bedtime

Afraid of the Dark

Too much TV, scary shows and scary books can over stimulate a child’s mind, especially close to bedtime. (we noticed our children slept better when we stopped TV time an hour or so before bed). Relaxing activities like bath time, a story, soothing music, cuddles, quiet playtime and even just talking together; are all ideas that can help sooth and relax before bedtime. Giving your child time to unwind and relax before bed is a helpful key in helping them feel at ease through the night. 


See What they See

Afraid of the Dark
  • Listen for the sounds that they hear: Lay in bed with your child and listen.  Ask him to identify the sounds that scare him.  Sometimes it’s the car racing by, the screeching of a cat or the wind blowing a tree branch against the house.  A young child isn’t able to make sense of these sounds when he hears them in the night, and assumes they belong to something scary.


  • See their bedroom from their level: Lay on the bed with your child and look around.  Is there something casting a shadow on the wall?  Is there a reflection through the window? A piece of clothing hanging from a hook? Move it. In the dark these objects can appear scary and be transformed into terrifying scenarios.


  • Open the door: Something practical like leaving their bedroom door open, assures them they can always get to you if they need to.


Being afraid of the dark is common for a lot of children and we hope that the above ideas prove helpful to you.

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