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Fairy Picnic Bindle

Continuing with our Fairy Picnic theme, this week we’re showing you how to make a Fairy Picnic Bindle.

A Bindle is a little bag tied on the end of a stick which is carried over the shoulder. The bag is usually a blanket tied in a knot on the stick which makes it easy to carry little items around. A Bindle is also called a “Swag” or “Hobo Stick”

And a fairy sized Bindle is perfect for your fairy to bring a picnic lunch to her favourite fairy picnic spot.

How to make your own Fairy Picnic Bindle…..

You will need

  • A small square piece of thin fabric which measures about 8cm x 8cm
  • A thin stick or a wooden skewer (with the sharp end removed) about 8cm long
  • Fairy food for a picnic – see below
Fairy Picnic Bindle

It is much easier if you use thin fabric and cut pointy corners in the fabric … to make it easier to tie the corners together.

What to Do…

Fairy Picnic Bindle
  1. Place your Fairy Picnic Food in the middle of the square piece of fabric

Ideas… Fairy Sandwich, Fairy Donut, Fairy Grapes, Cup, and possible a Book for your fairy to read.

You could also include other foods that fairies love like a Sultana, peanut, a popcorn

Fairy Picnic Bindle
  1. Pick up two corners that are diagonal from each other, tie them together.
Fairy Picnic Bindle
  1. Lie the stick on top of the knot
Fairy Picnic Bindle
  1. Tie the other two corners that are diagonal from each other, to close the Bindle.

Your Fairy Picnic Bindle should look like this…

Fairy Picnic Bindle Fairy Picnic Bindle



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