Fairy Garden Picnic Table

In this weeks blog, we’ll show you how to make a quick and easy Fairy Garden Picnic Table from popsicle sticks.

Now that Spring has sprung, Aussie fairy’s everywhere are dusting off their picnic blankets to enjoy the sunshine. And like us, a favourite activity is the Aussie picnic.

In an earlier blog post, we shared some inspiration on how to create a fairy picnic theme for your fairy door or fairy garden; and this week, we are including a quick and easy DIY Fairy Garden Picnic Table to add to that theme.

Items Needed:

how to make a fairy picnic table


To Do:

  1. Create the base of the table by crossing 2 sticks over each other and glue. Repeat. (make sure the bottoms of the sticks are level as these will be the table legs)Fairy Garden Picnic Table
  2. Then glue a popsicle stick across each of these – just below the join.
    Fairy Garden Picnic Table
  3. To form the top of the table, glue 6 sticks together side by side
    Fairy Garden Picnic Table
  4. To create the benches to sit on, glue 2 sticks together. Repeat
    Fairy Garden Picnic Table
  5. Now assemble the pieces. Using the 2 ‘X’ frames you made before, glue each of the bench seats on.
    Make sure your table is able to stand straight as it dries
    Fairy Garden Picnic Table
  6. When it is dry, glue the top of the table on.
    Fairy Garden Picnic Table


To create a fun Fairy Picnic theme outside your fairy door, pop over to our Spring Fairy Picnic blog. We also have some beautiful accessories to create the perfect fairy picnic for your secret friendsFairy Picnic Basket, Grapes, Sandwiches, Donuts, Little Fairy Cakes…. and more.

We also have a tutorial on how to make a Fairy Picnic Bindle .

Photo credit to Factory Direct Craft






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