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The days are longer, the sun is warmer and the skies are bluer, spring Fairy Picnic time! 

It’s the little details that add life and personality to a fairy door and fairy garden. It’s tiny touches that inspire a child’s imagination and by simply adding some little mini’s like – a pair of shoes, a table, a garland, a guinea pig or a mushroom… can inspire many a fairy story !

This week, we’ll show you how easy it is to decorate your fairy door or fairy garden with a fun spring fairy picnic theme….. And we even have a FREE Picnic Rug and Picnic basket template to download too.

Firstly download our Picnic Rug template and print on a sheet of white A4 paper…. Fairy Picnic Rug

spring fairy picnic spring fairy picnic

Cut it out and lay it down in front of your fairy door

spring fairy picnic basket

Add a fairy sized picnic basket

OR make your own by downloading our Fairy Picnic Basket template…..

spring fairy picnic spring fairy picnic

Then add whatever miniature fairy food items you can find. We have lots available such as: Fairy Sandwiches, Fairy Donuts, Little Fairy Cakes, Teapot & Cup Set, Fairy Tea Set, Grapes, Tim Tams, Cheezels,….and there’s more.

Spring fairy picnic

Finish it off by adding some fairy residents who will enjoy their fairy picnic !



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