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how to make a surprise money cake

How to Make a Surprise Money Cake

What an incredible surprise to unfold a hidden gift of money from inside a birthday cake and we’ll share how to make a Surprise Money Cake of your own.

We stumbled upon this idea and thought, WOW! – a birthday cake and a gift all in one!

How it Works: Hide a rolled up gift of money ($ notes) inside a birthday cake and as the recipient lifts up the Happy Birthday sign or Candle on the top, the money gift keeps unfolding out!

Watch the reaction here on a clip we found on Youtube…..

Items Needed

  • A Birthday Cake Sponge (not iced or decorated yet)
  • 1 empty toilet roll
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Small Cellophane bags (enough for the amount of $$ notes you are using) OR sheets of clear cellophane wrapping
  • An amount of $$ money as your gift (we used 20 x $5 notes, which worked great)
  • Sticky Tape
  • Knife & Scissors
  • Small piece of ribbon or string
  • Icing & Decorations for the Birthday Cake
  • Happy Birthday Cake topper Sign or Candle

Step by Step How to Make a Surprise Money Cake …. (there is also a Video Tutorial below to watch how this is done)

  1. Make your birthday cake sponge like you normally would do ….. but don’t ice it yet
Surprise Money Cake

2. Insert each of the $$ Notes into a separate cellophane bag and tape them end to end, to form a long line.

OR if you don’t have little bags, use a sheet of clear cellophane gift wrap and line each of the $$ notes in a row, end to end. Then enclose them in the cellophane wrapping and stick them shut.


3. Then using sticky tape, join each of the cellophane money sleeves end to end to form a long row.

Surprise Money Cake

4. Starting at one end of the long Money strip, roll it up (put aside for later – this will be inserted into the toilet roll)


Surprise Money Cake

5. Cover the toilet roll in Aluminium Foil and cut a slit in the middle of the toilet roll, a bit longer than the width of the plastic money sleeves you’ve just made.

6. Tape one end of the roll shut and leave the other end open.


Surprise Money Cake

7. Insert the roll of money into the open end of the toilet roll and feed the start of the money through the slit. Then tape the open end of the toilet roll closed.

8. Attach the length of ribbon (or string) onto this beginning edge of the Money Roll. (this will attach to the Happy Birthday cake topper shortly)

Surprise Money Cake

9. Then using a knife, cut a hole into the middle of your Birthday Cake sponge the size of the toilet roll and insert the toilet roll into the hole.(the money roll facing up)

surprise money cake

10. Using the bits of cut out cake sponge, refill around the gaps near the toilet roll – ensure the ribbon is poking out the top.

11. Then, ice and decorate your birthday cake as you’d like – making sure the ribbon is still poking out the top


surprise money cake

12. Lastly, attach the ribbon to the bottom of your Happy Birthday Sign or Candle (or just leave poking out of the cake – ready to be pulled out !


Watch the Money Cake Video Tutorial ….


Surprise cake with Airline By: Madelin's Cakes

Posted by MetDaan Cakes on Thursday, 19 July 2018

That’s How to Make a Surprise Money Cake !

Credit to “Madelin’s Cakes” and “Metdaan Cakes”

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