monsters under the bed

Monsters Under the Bed

Do you have a child who is afraid there are monsters under the bed? Read below how a fairy door and one mums amazing idea helped her child overcome this.

The magic of a fairy door is in the imagination and the sense of make-believe it creates.

One customer of ours shared how her daughter had always been afraid there were monsters under her bed and it was quite a lengthly ordeal of checking under the bed every night before the lights were turned out.

When this mum was introduced to our fairy doors by a friend and she read some our incredible testimonies and reviews, she had a wonderful idea to create a fairy door setting under her daughter’s bed and invite the fairies there !

So she looked through our photos to get ideas and purchased a Pink Starter Set with a few matching accessories. When her package arrived, she waited till her daughter was at school for the day, and then crawled under the bed, with blu-tac, Fairy Door and accessories in tow, and attached them to the wall underneath.

She then created a little fairy garden around the door with a grass mat, fairy flowers and mushrooms and even a couple of resident fairies to live there.

Then to add to an extra special touch of magic, she placed some fairy lights around the little garden and plugged them in to a nearby wall socket.

This mum said, when she turned the fairy lights on, it was a scene of gorgeous twinkling magic under the bed, that glowed out from around the edges and wished she could shrink herself to live under there herself!

monsters under the bed

This mum didn’t say a word when her daughter came home, she waited till it was bed time and secretly turned the fairy lights on under the bed. Then during the normal nightly routine of checking for “monsters under the bed”,  she slowly pulled up the covers to reveal the most magical fairy garden that was twinkling under there !

An audible squeal of delight from her daughter could even be heard by the neighbours … and monsters were gone !!!

Every night at bedtime, there is now a new routine, to turn the fairy lights on and say goodnight to the beautiful fairies who now live under her bed.

monsters under the bed

If you have a child who is afraid of the dark, a corner, a closet or behind a door; a fairy door may be the answer to help overcome this fear.

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