fairytale earrings

Sometimes a gift idea comes along that is just super special and inspires “Wow! Where Did you Get That?”… Fairytale Earrings!

We all love gifts that are thoughtful, unique and different: little treats that are not found on every street corner.

We appreciate gifts that are personal, that reflect ‘who we are’ and sometimes even cater to our idiosyncrasies !

fairytale earrings

Opening Fairy Doors have been creating little fairy treasures for years and part of our range has been tiny miniature replicas of food brands. We make these so fairies can enjoy Afternoon tea, celebrate birthday parties and enjoy fairy-sized snacks but recently we’ve decided to take these tiny treasures to a wider market… and have turned them in to jewellery – fairytale jewellery!

We have designed this unique and “out-of-the-box” range to appeal to the chic and fashionable amongst us who love a touch of the quirky… and our Fairytale Earrings are the first phase.

Little gifts of fantasy that dangle from your ears. These are perfect little gifts that are thoughtful and personal and perfect for that person who has everything!

If you know someone who loves Milo, our Milo Earrings would be a fun gift, ‘just for them’.

fairytale earrings

If you have friends or family overseas, our iconic Australian Tim Tam EarringsVegemite Earrings, Cheezels Earrings or Weetbix Earrings would be such a talking point for them to wear !

fairytale earrings

If you LOVE Nutella, then our Nutella Earrings are just for you!

fairytale earrings

If you know a School Teacher, a Librarian or someone who loves to read, our Books Earrings would be a unique gift to bring a smile to their face.

Book Earrings

Our Fairytale Earrings are all inexpensive but still have that handcrafted quality.

They are Handcrafted in Australia by our family at Opening Fairy Doors … just for something completely different…. We just can’t help ourselves, can we!

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