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how to say goodbye to a fairy

How to Say Goodbye to a Fairy

This week we received a question from a customer asking for some tips and ideas on how to say goodbye to a fairy, a question we have never been asked before. And below is our “creative” answer…This customer had been spacing out the “fairy visits” more and more, explaining to her grandchild that her fairy was very busy visiting other younger children.

But it was time to say goodbye and this customer didn’t want to break “the magic” in her granddaughter’s mind, so she contacted us to ask for some suggestions that would help make this transition gentle, memorable and special.

So we go to thinking… How to Say Goodbye to a Fairy ?

When it’s time to ‘close the door’ on the magical fairy stage in a child’s life or even to reduce the “fairy visits” due to time constraints, how could you do it without “bursting the imaginative fairy bubble” ? …(so to speak)

And here is our answer, which we are pleased to say, that our customer LOVED ….

Create a “Farewell Celebration” just like we do when a special friend is going away

  1. Start by leaving an “Invitationoutside her fairy door or in her fairy mailbox
white fairy mailbox
  1. Then on the day of the Farewell Party, set up a little Fairy Table with party food ( we have fairy donuts, sandwiches and cupcakes) or use edible little things like “Fruit Loops”, Sultanas, M&Ms etc
red table chairs set
  • Decorate her fairy door for the partyFairy balloons and streamers (use a “Party Popper” for the tiny streamers – these are available from supermarkets)
birthday fairy
  • Make a “Farewell Garland” to hang above her fairy door (we have instructions on how to make a garland on our blog – which you could change the wordingsee here )
DIY Fairy Birthday Garland Download Printable
  • Buy some Postcards from a Discount Store (or print them from the internet) and hang them around the wall to show all the beautiful places her fairy will visit.
how to say goodbye to a fairy
  1. A special farewell gift could be left by “her fairy” to keep and treasuremaybe something to hang on a wall, or a necklace to wear, or a plant to grow in her garden?
how to say goodbye to a fairy  how to say goodbye to a fairy
  1. Throughout the year, her Fairy could send the occasional postcardmaybe from somewhere she has visited

Click here to download and print our FREE How to Say Goodbye to a Fairy Postcards

How to Say Goodbye to a Fairy

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