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fairy doorbell

Give your fairy her very own Fairy Doorbell to ring when she visits! And here is a super easy one to make to hang on your fairy door.

How magical to have a little Fairy Doorbell on your fairy door for your fairy to ring whenever she visits or leaves a treat. Imagine the excitement each time your child hears the tiny jingle!

What you need:

  • 1 little gold bell (available in packs from Discount Stores & Crafts Shops)
  • A length of thread
  • 1 small cup hook
  • Beads (optional – for decoration) – We’ve used a couple of cheap imitation pearls from a child’s toy bracelet
fairy doorbell

To do…

1. Gently screw the Cup Hook into your Fairy Door (Ask mum or dad to help with this)

We have screwed our cup hook into the top side of our fairy door frame. As our fairy doors are made from wood, the cup hooks are quite easy to screw in by hand.

fairy doorbell


2. Measure the thread to the length you want it. We have measured ours 15cm long.

3. Tie one end of the thread to the bell and then thread some little beads onto the thread for decoration

fairy doorbell


4. Tie the other end of the thread to the cup hook on your fairy door.

fairy doorbell


4. To disguise the cup hook, we have attached one of our Translucent Butterflies to it with blu-tac. You could also use a small flower or ribbon

fairy doorbell  fairy doorbell

And there you have it, one pretty Fairy Doorbell for your fairy to ring when she visits – or when she leaves a little treat for you !

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