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fairy oven

Did you know that fairies love baking and sometimes they sneak their little fairy oven through fairy doors to leave a special surprise – a real life cupcake, muffin or biscuit – that they have baked for you?

And we have a FREE 3D Fairy Oven template for you to download and print.

It’s the tiny details that are almost irresistible to children, the small accessories and decorative touches that trigger their imaginations and story telling ability. And this little Fairy Oven would be a fun play accessory to put outside your child’s fairy door, especially if it had a surprise Muffin or Biscuit inside, that the fairies had secretly baked for them!

1. Print our Fairy Oven template on white A4 paper (thin card or heavy scrapbook paper is even better) – click the link or image below

Fairy Oven Template….Download 

fairy oven

2. Cut out around the Dark Lines. Fold along the Dotted Lines (be careful not to cut on the dotted lines)

3. The printed side is the outside

4. Glue the flaps – these are glued inside the sides

5. Cut out the separate Knob Panel and glue this onto the back of the oven at the top

fairy oven

IDEA: Glue a small bead onto the front of the oven door as a handle (to make it easier to open and close)

You can also compliment this little Fairy Oven by including a Table & Chair Set with a Tea Set, ready for special visitors to enjoy what they have baked.

For another fun fairy idea that will compliment this, is our Great Australian Fairy Bake Off post, where we have completely decorated one of our opening fairy doors with an awesome kitchen theme.



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