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dinosaur garden

Make a Dinosaur Garden with this great idea from our friends at Picklebums. If you have a little one who loves dinosaurs, this is the garden for them, complete with dinosaur print outs!


dinosaur garden

  • A large tray, container, table or area in the garden
  • Dirt
  • Small and Medium sized pebbles
  • Twigs
  • Small rockery plants, herbs or succulents
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Water
  • Dinosaur Print outs (see below)

To do….

1. Fill your container with dirt

2. Place a strip of Aluminium Foil down the centre of the container, pushing it into the dirt to create a river

dinosaur garden

3. Decorate around your river with the pebbles, twigs and plants

4. Give your plants a spray and water 

dinosaur garden

5. Tip a small amount of water into the river (You could even add some Blue Food colouring to give the water colour)

dinosaur garden

6. Decorate your Dinosaur Garden with resident Dinosaurs ! (Download these below)

dinosaur garden

7. Download your Dinosaurs …

THERE ARE 3 DINOSAURS TO PRINT…… just click on the links below and print (thin White A4 Card works best)




dinosaur garden

Our BIG thank you to our friends at Picklebums for their wonderful idea and gorgeous photos. 

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