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tooth fairy ideas

EASY Tooth Fairy Ideas ! Do you have a wobbly tooth in your home ? Here are some ideas that are easy and can make this a special childhood milestone.

It’s often not the BIG things in life that are treasured by children but the little occurrences and milestones that when celebrated, become treasured childhood memories.

Losing a tooth is such a milestone and we have 3 Tooth Fairy Ideas that can help add a touch of magic to the celebration…


Place the tooth in a glass of water. When the Tooth Fairy retrieves the tooth, she sprinkles sparkly “Fairy Dust” in the water AND leaves a little “treat” at the bottom of the glass (for treats that are waterproof e.g. a Coin)

Tooth Fairy Ideas


Make a pretty Envelope and place the tooth inside, then leave it on a dressing table for the Tooth Fairy to find. Then she can also leave her little ‘treat’ in the envelope in return

Download and print our FREE Tooth Fairy Envelope here… Tooth Fairy Envelopes

tooth fairy ideas


And of course….. a fairy Door is the perfect entrance for the Tooth Fairy. Place the ‘lost tooth’ on the doorstep or just inside our OPENING Fairy Door, where she can easily collect it. Then she can leave her “treat” for your child to easily find in the morning.

(We have also created some pretty fairy footprints in our photo below by using our “Fairy Footprints Stencil”. Our Footprints Stencil is available here)

fairy footprints stencil

Our Tooth Fairy Sets are also a great idea for the Tooth Fairy’s visit … available in Pink and Blue

pink tooth fairy set    blue tooth fairy set

Celebrating the small stuff with your child is where precious memories are made

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