Fairy Cappuccino - Opening Fairy Doors
Fairy Cappuccino

Fairy Cappuccino

We’ve all heard of ‘Cappucinos’ and “Baby ‘Cino’s”, well, now theres a Fairy Cappuccino…. or “Fairy Cinos” for short

It doesn’t take much to add a touch of fairy magic to every day life. And children especially love little special touches as it inspires their already creative brain. Taking a few moments to make something a bit more special also adds to precious memories of childhood,

A Fairy Cappuccino is so easy to make but will add a sense of ‘Wow’ to your child’s breakfast! Especially as a weekend surprise.

Make your Fairy Cappuccino by sprinkling Edible Glitter on your child’s Baby Cino or even Glass of milk!

fairy cappuccino

Edible Glitter is available at Cake Shops, Spotlight and we’ve also found it at Woolworths, called “Twinkle Sprinkle”.

When you pour your child’s drink, sprinkle some edible glitter over the top. You can even cut out a little template of a shape of a fairy, gently hold it over the cup and sprinkle the glitter to create fun pictures.

fairy cappuccino fairy cappuccino fairy cappuccino

You could even add a touch of fairy magic to the breakfast table by sprinkling some ‘Edible Glitter” onto cereal !

Plus, even more fun… create some tiny fairy footprints that lead up to the bowl. Magical!

fairy cappuccino

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