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Printable Fairy Garden Play Mat

Printable Fairy Play Mat

Create your own fairy garden in front of your fairy door or fairy house with this great printable Fairy Play Mat template from our friends at Be a Fun Mum.

You can even create a bigger play area by printing more mats and lie them all together. The paths line up so you can connect them together.

Printable Fairy Garden Play Mat


Download the Template (click below)

Print on plain white A4 paper on the colour setting

To join multiple mats together, print more and tape together

Lie the play mats in front of your Fairy Door to create a pretty fairy garden space

Then decorate the mat with your Fairy Door Accessories to enjoy magical fairy adventures! (See our range of fairy accessories like Mushrooms, Table & Chairs, Fairy Flowers, Wishing Well, fairies and more)

Printable Fairy Play Mat

Printable Fairy Garden Play Mat

Our thanks and credit to our friends at “Be a Fun Mum”

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