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Is it time for your child to give up their dummy? Need a magical idea to help make it easier?

If it’s time for your child to give up their dummy, a little magic from the Dummy Fairy could help !

The Dummy Fairy loves to collect dummy’s and always knows when it’s time to visit.

Prepare your little one for her visit by building the excitement and anticipation a few days before by talking to your child about the Dummy Fairy’s arrival. By making it sound magical and super special, it will help them view this event as something exciting that they will be “receiving” instead of something they will be “losing”.

Encourage them that they are a “big” girl / boy now so it’s time to give their dummy away to a very special friend who’s job it is to secretly collect dummies and look after them.

So when the time is right, help your child find and collect all of their dummies and ask your child to place them outside their fairy door before they go to bed.

Then when they are asleep  (in their own bed), the dummy fairy visits through their fairy door, opens the door, carefully picks up each dummy and flutters back through her door, leaving fairy dust where the dummies were and a special treat on the doorstep to say thank you.

dummy fairy

The look of wonder in your child’s eyes is precious, when they wake the next morning to find their dummies are gone and a little treat is left in its place!

There might even be tiny fairy footprints leading out through the fairy door for added magic! (our Footprints stencils are available here)

And possibly a little fairy note could be left in their mailbox (see our Mailbox range and our Pack of Rainbow Fairy Letters here) – ALSO for our FREE Fairy Note to download and print, see below 


One customer shared with us: “My little girl gave up her bottles by leaving them for their fairy ‘Bubba’ to take and she hasn’t asked for one since”

One mum shared that they used this for helping their daughter with toilet training. The fairies left a treat outside her fairy door whenever she woke up dry. Worked like a charm, mum said.

Another customer told us that when her daughter first started brushing her teeth, the fairies left a pretty toothbrush outside her fairy door and each day she cleaned her teeth with it, they would leave a special note of encouragement.

Download & Print our FREE Dummy Fairy Thank You Note 

Dummy Fairy Thank You Note

dummy fairy Dummy Fairy Thank You Note


And to help even more… we highly recommend a beautiful book by our friend and author Leisa Papa, called “Daniel and the Dummy Fairy”. This book perfectly illustrated the magical effect of the Dummy Fairy and is designed to be read to your child a few days before the Dummy Fairy visits…

“Daisy the Dummy Fairy has a very special job to do. When children grow big enough to give up their dummies, she flutters into their house at night to collect them, leaving every child a surprise to find in the morning! Daniel has just turn two and is ready to give away his dummies… What will happen when he meets Daisy the Dummy Fairy?”

This beautiful book is available at

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