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How to Make Fairy Planters

It’s the detail that gives a fairy garden life and creates that sense of wonder, so we’d like to show you How to Make Fairy Planters to add that touch of whimsy.

All fairies love nature and all things ‘gardening’ and these super cute Fairy Planters are super easy to make and even include beautiful little Plant Markers.

To watch how to make these, we have a YouTube Video at ….

Our Fairy Planters Template are available for instant download on our site – Fairy Planters

So easy to make and beautiful to decorate your fairy garden or terrarium

fairy planters

All you need is:

Our DIY Fairy Planters Kit Sheet (available for purchase)
6 Wooden Toothpicks or little sticks
Glue / Tape
Some dirt to fill them

Fairy Planters

  1. Purchase our DIY Fairy Planters Kit HERE
  2. Cut out the rectangle Fairy Planters.
  3. Take one piece and fold it around to form a circle and glue the edge to seal.
  4. On one end, bend in the edges of paper so they are folded in together and stick with tape to create a flat bottom (so the Fairy Planter stands up)
  5. Fill each Fairy Planter with dirt

Fairy Plant Markers

  1. Cut out the “Plant Markers”
  2. Stick each plant marker onto a tooth pick with sticky tape
  3. Repeat with all the markers and then push 1 marker into the dirt of each Fairy Planter


As Fairy Planters are made from paper, they cannot be outside in the weather. So they are perfect to decorate your fairy door, fairy garden pot or terrarium inside only 

Remember… you can watch our video instructions of “How to Make Fairy Planters” on YouTube at…


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