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Great Australian Fairy Bake Off

Great Australian Fairy Bake Off

The key to truly magical moments with a Fairy Door is by creating fun scenes that inspire your little ones imagination and sense of make-believe.

We have been creating Opening Fairy Doors since 2010 to inspire and encourage the precious minds of children everywhere. Children have vivid imaginations and it only takes a small spark of creativity to ignite their sense of make-believe and adventure. And a fairy door makes it so easy to trigger that spark because the anticipation of a fairy visiting them, is almost irresistible to a child. 

So we are always on the lookout for different ways we can share how to decorate your fairy door.

With the popularity of cooking shows on TV and the rise of series such as The Great Australian Bake Off and the Great British Bake Off, we thought our fairies could get in on the action to – (did you know fairies are amazing cooks !!) So mum & I got our heads together and designed our very own theme outside one of our Yellow Opening Fairy Doors and we’ve called it The Great Australian Fairy bake Off !

Our Great Australian Fairy Bake Off design….

Great Australian Fairy Bake Off

We don’t have the furniture pieces and accessories that you see in our photo for sale in our store but you can pick up similar to these from dollshouse shops, toy shops and often from sites such as eBay and Amazon.

We have used the following items to create this fun kitchen theme…..

Fairy Door:


  • White dollshouse dresser
  • Wooden dollshouse dresser
  • 2 White dollshouse kitchen benches


For another fairy fun craft that will compliment our Great Australian Fairy bake Off kitchen theme, we have a FREE printable 3D “Fairy Oven” that you can download, print and fold. See our Fairy Oven post here


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