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Christmas Eve box

A Christmas Eve Box is a fun, inexpensive and family oriented Christmas tradition to start in your family!

It’s the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… except the children!

I am HUGE believer in happy family traditions, especially at Christmas time (my favourite time of year!) and this idea of a “Christmas Eve Box” is one of my favourites ! I love it.

A Christmas Eve Box is a box that you fill with all sorts of fun, happy, meaningful, inexpensive items that your family would enjoy together the night before Christmas. It adds to the excitement of the Christmas seasons and helps when the kids are too excited to go to bed on Christmas Eve.

It’s not meant to be expensive or difficult to do but instead inexpensive, easy and filled with meaningful items that inspire family togetherness.

You can either make one for each member of the family or make a larger one for the whole family.

For example, here is a Christmas Eve Box idea ….

Christmas Eve box
  • New Pyjamas
  • Slippers
  • Christmas Movie (eg A Muppet Christmas Carol)
  • Packet of Popcorn (to eat while you watch your Christmas movie)
  • Packet of Hot Chocolate (to drink while you watch your Christmas movie)
  • A Christmas mug
  • A Santa Hat (to wear while you watch your Christmas movie)
  • Christmas Book (to read before bedtime Christmas Eve. eg “Twas the Night Before Christmas”)
  • Letter from Santa (see our 30 November Blog for a template.. Free Santa Letter)
  • Biscuits (to leave out for Santa)
  • Carrot (to leave out for Rudolph)
  • … placed in a pretty and inexpensive gift box from a $2 store

And to make it even more affordable, some of these items can be packed away to re-use next year. (i.e. Pyjamas, mug, movie, book, santa hat, the box)

The kids especially will love this idea and as a mum, I love anything that brings a family together and instills precious childhood memories.

And if you don’t have children in your home, you can still create a “Christmas Eve Box for Couples”, (e.g. wine, chocolate, nuts, cheese & crackers, fun Christmas PJ’s, a special movie, a book…. etc) or even just for yourself! If you are on your own, this can be a precious gift from yourself to yourself by including whatever you consider ‘special’.

For LOTS of different Christmas Eve Box ideas, have a quick look on our Pinterest page…

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Santa Letter:

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