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FREE Fairy Encouragement Certificates

Download our FREE Fairy Encouragement Certificates

The look in your child’s eye when they wake to find that a fairy has left a secret note is priceless. Even the smallest note of encouragement left by the fairies brings the biggest of smiles!

Positive reinforcement when your child has shown kindness, manners, initiative, friendliness etc is a powerful way to encourage repeat behaviour.

If your child has shown kindness to his friends, used lovely manners, put away their toys without being asked, slept in their own bed, ate all of their vegetables, cleaned their teeth, tried hard, or were helpful…. secretly leaving one of our “Free Fairy Encouragement Certificates” outside their fairy door “from the fairies”, is sure to have a positive impact !

free fairy encouragement certificates

Click the image above to download our “Fairy Encouragement Certificates” ….

Fairy Encouragement Certificates

  1. Print on A4 white paper,
  2. Cut them out;
  3. then, secretly leave 1 card outside your child’s fairy door when encouragement is needed.

We also have lots more awesome fairy printables available in our store as “Instant Downloads”. These are amazing sheets of templates that you can use to leave as perfect little “treats from the fairies”, such as:

Colour-In Paper Fairy Doll Printable Download

Opening Fairy Door Background Pictures Printable Download

Paper Fairy Doll Printable Download

DIY Fairy Birthday Garland Download Printable

DIY Fairy House Download Printable

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