Free Fairy I Saw That Ribbons by Opening Fairy Doors
Our Free Fairy I Saw That Ribbons, make it easy to leave an encouraging message for your child ‘from the fairies’

Encouraging a child when they show nice manners, are being kind or helpful is a great way to inspire repeat behaviour. Occasionally rewarding a child when they eat all of their vegetables, clean their teeth or pick up their toys without being asked, is a powerful motivator especially when it comes with a touch of magic – from the fairies.
Our Free Fairy I Saw That Ribbons are perfect little encouragement rewards that can be left outside their fairy door from “the fairies”.

Items needed:

  1. Download and print our free templates below
  2. Scissors
  3. A sheet of white A4 paper
Free Fairy I Saw That Ribbons

To do:

  1. Click the image above and print onto a sheet of White A4 paper or thin card.
  2. Cut out each ribbon
  3. Leave one outside your child’s fairy door as required
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