Making Special Memories

When my children were little, I often tried to think of ways of making special memories for them to look back on with happiness. Little, inexpensive things that would leave lasting fond memories of their childhood.

I would do things like …..

  • hide a surprise treat in their lunch box or draw a funny face on their orange or banana
  • build a lego racetrack with small cars on the kitchen table to surprise them when they woke up
  • construct a Cubby House with sheets over the furniture

A fairy door is also the perfect for making special memories…


  • hiding a small fairy note in their lunchbox to encourage 
  • leaving a little “treat from the fairies” outside their fairy door when they wake in the morning (like a flower, a shell, a ribbon);
  • surprising them after school when they find ‘the fairies’ have left a new accessory to add to their fairy home – like a fairy tea cup, a fairy book or a key

We have some free printable Encouragement Cards to download below.

Click on the link below

Opening Fairy Doors Fairy Cards

Making Special Memories


Print onto A4 paper or card, cut out and use them from time to time when a special note of encouragement is needed.

For other free printable fairy cards, see Fairy Encouragement Certificates, Fairy Cards, Fairy Encouragement Ribbons and How to Write Fairy Letters.

We also have a FREE printable Fairy Reward Chart to help to encourage positive behaviour and a FREE Sleep Chart to help with sleeping routines in your home.

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