construction cake

Construction Cake

If your kids love diggers and dozers, they will love this amazing Construction Cake from our friends at Phoodie

You Need

2 Chocolate Cake (CLICK HERE FOR a good basic Chocolate Cake recipe )

Chocolate Buttercream Icing (CLICK HERE FOR a good basic Chocolate Buttercream Recipe )

Wooden Base (A Cheese Platter or Chopping Board – available from Coles, Kmart, Target, Kitchen Stores etc. Or a round timber slice from Nurseries)

Plastic Toy Construction Set (available from Toy Shops, Kmart etc)

2 Packets of Arnotts Chocolate Ripple Biscuits (or similar)

Assorted Chocolates: Cadbury Flake, Malteasers, Kit Kats, Ferrero Rocher, Chocolate Coated Sultanas, Cadbury Chocolate Block etc)


  1. Make 2 of the biggest round chocolate sponge cakes that your oven or cake tins will allow
  2. Cool
  3. Sandwich the cakes together with chocolate buttercream in the middle and then place the cake onto the wooden board
  4. Spread chocolate buttercream all over the outside
Construction Cake

Decorate it

  1. Using your hands, carefully break a part of the side of your cake to create a construction site
Construction Cake

2. Blitz 2 packets of chocolate biscuits into crumbs. (This will be the “dirt”)

Construction Cake

3. Sprinkle this biscuit crumb “dirt” onto the broken section and around the base. Pile in places to create dirt piles

Construction Cake

4. Decorate with chocolates to create a construction site with boulders, wood piles, rock falls etc

Cadbury Flake Timber Pieces
Kit Kat Wooden Beams
Malteasers Rocks
Ferrero Rocher Boulders
Cadbury Chocolate Block (Broken or Grated) Pile of wood chips
  1. Place the toys strategically around to add life to your Construction Cake
Construction Cake

To download the Recipe, Click here

Construction Cake

Our thanks to Phoodie for this great Construction Cake. To go to the Phoodie site directly, here is their link…


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