Handcrafted in Australia

 Beautiful, individually handcrafted, timber Fairy Doors that OPEN and a huge range of unique fairy door accessories sourced from around the world, to create the most magical fairyland setting right in your own bedroom


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Fairy Doors that open ….  is where it all began!

We are the original Opening Fairy Door company, having created our beautiful brand in 2011.

What has always set our fairy doors apart from the rest is that our Doors actually OPEN and our timber fairy doors, mailboxes and windows are all individually handcrafted, hand painted and packaged here in Australia in our family workshop in Melbourne. 

By attaching any of our Opening Fairy Doors to a wall, shelf or cupboard, you create a magical doorway to a place of make believe for fairies to enter! And the best thing is the door can OPEN and CLOSE just like a real door should…. plus with our Opening Fairy Doors you can even change the background pictures – as they are removable!

Imagine a little fairy secretly visiting your child’s room at night time and finding a warm and cosy fairy home to relax in … what little fairy could resist? Imagine the look on your childs face when they wake up to find a secret fairy note in the mailbox or little treat on the doorstep … priceless!

With Opening Fairy Doors, your child can create this magical fairy place right in their own bedroom and then bring it to life by collecting from our huge range of unique accessories.

We not only make different coloured Opening Fairy Doors but we also make Glitter Fairy Doors, Rainbow Fairy Doors, Fairy Doors that LIGHT UP and even ones that GLOW in the Dark! Plus to make it easy to choose, we also have Starter Sets.

Make a cuppa, sit back and enjoy searching through our site… you will find so much to choose from and discover that our Opening Fairy Door products are a bit different from the norm but all designed to nurture a sense of make believe, inspire tiny imaginations and embrace the ‘magic’ of being little !